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Custom Coaster Conversions

* Motorhome conversions * Parts & Accessories * Bus & Van import

The 4x4 OKA is Australian made. These tough little vehicles are made in WA, and have been made since 1992 and are currently still (again) being made.

The first models were the XT range, from 1992 thru to 1995, thereafter the LT range from 1995 thru to 1998 and since 2009, the new OKA, the NT OKA's.

Still look the same, but they go a bit better with a bigger motor, a Cummings, rather then the Perkins they came out with first.

We offer a poptop fitting service as well as a full fitout service for these vehicles with full (bus) bodies.

These trucks were a modular built and were/are available with a variety of bodies, ranging from a single cab/chassis to a dual/cab, tripple cab and a full body bus or van.